Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kali Maal in Pink Painting

Oil, Acrylic, wood burning 16 x 20 "
A Tantric expression of the Kali Maal. She is the liberator of souls from the material. Not only death of the ego and the body, but also the life bringer, the regenerative force.
With her right hand she beckons us to have our minds cut from us, and the blood of life collected in a golden cup. The cup is the primordial womb. There are strands of gold feeding into her like the web of energy that is woven by the fates. Tantra means to weave. She is the doorway and the weaver of fate.

She supports and creates the material from which your soul is liberated from. All is divine.

I meet people that believe there is evil in creation when what is evil is often just being stuck in illusion. This fearsome Goddess wears the skulls as trophies for all the souls she has liberated. Death is not to be feared. What you think is your dome is often only a doorway to greater understanding.
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